Prajwal Furtado

I’m Prajwal Furtado, a Food Blogger and Writer Since 2020

Hi! My name is Prajwal Furtado and I'm a food blogger, recipe developer and writer. I live in India and I'm from a very traditional Indian family from a coastal area of Arabian sea. I find cooking as fun and adventures.

How I work

In this page you will get unlimited food recipes and we provide recipes step by step, so you can understand easily and the preparation will also be easy. We try to prepare food in easy and simple steps.

I cook all types of food like Veg, and Non-Veg. In this page you will get tasty food recipes from all over the world, because every country has different tastes and different food and also different cooking styles and I want to taste all types of food.

How we can work together

We care about viewers’ health and in this page you will also find diet related and health related food recipes and we will also give you some tips for your good health.

Your opinion is also important for us, because everyone has different tastes and different cooking styles, so we welcome you to provide your opinions or suggestions in the comment section and even your reviews are also important for us.

What is Our Motive

For mom’s and office workers we provide quick and tasty food recipes, so they can prepare food on time with great taste. Our only motive is to create simple, delicious meals for your family and friends and you can make your kitchen life very adventurous and healthy.

For street food lovers also we have many varieties of food from all over the world. We have various cuisines of Indian, Indonesian, European, Chinese, Asian, Mexican, Filipino, Thai, Italian, Arabian, Korean, Japanese, American and of many other countries.

Prajwal Furtado

Food Blogger